The full text of Rule 12 at the JREF Forums reads, Attack the argument, not the arguer. Having your opinion, claim or argument challenged, doubted or dismissed is not attacking the arguer. Seems like a good idea in general, but some things just need to be said, ya know? Biting your tongue gets old and leads to hairy palms. Here are some choice comments about a few of the more...interesting... forum members. We're all thinking these kinds of things. I'm just writing them down. If you'd like somebody reviewed here, leave a comment somewhere. I'll see it. 

Thursday, January 28, 2010


We can't talk about RSLancastr without talking about UncaYimmy, now can we? UY, as he's known to people he thinks are his friends, created the site It's dedicated to attacking a fellow member, VisionFromFeeling, a nutcase who thinks she has just about every woo ability known to woo-kind. More on her another time. Suffice it to say UY has had resounding success proving that a nutcase is, in fact, a nutcase. What next? A site telling people that Michael Moore is a fat liberal?

UY attacked RSLancastr in a thread in Forum Management after his buddy, Brattus, pissed of the Fawning Millions. Even though it was quite clear that nobody was going to listen, UY forged ahead, pissing off people left and right, especially the comment about RSL's wife "begging" on the forum. Sure, technically speaking asking for money is begging, but don't pretend like you didn't know what the reaction would be. That technique is patented by The Atheist. Of course, plenty of other people looked like total jackasses attacking UY and Brattus, including a few moderators.

UY does have the distinction of being one of the few people ever to be banned from the JREF and returning. Apparently UY left the JREF on his own and asked to have his account unregistered. A few months later, Darat changed UY's password so he couldn't log in anymore. Apparently Darat didn't like UY reporting posts to the moderators. What followed was like a bad episode of Three's Company (the good ones had lots of bra-less jogging) where Darat, Lisa Simpson, Jeff Wagg and UY all talked past each other and got pissed off. Jeff Wagg banned UY. For some reason UY decided to fight with the people running a forum he didn't want to use. WTF? After much pissing and moaning, Jeff and UY kissed and made up. Blech!

Now UY is back, writing longer and longer posts without actually saying all that much. You paid by the word, UY? Are you lost without your girlfriend, VisionFromFeeling? If you ever get those naked pictures from her, be sure to pass them along. In the meantime, Mr. High IQ, haven't you figured out yet that people are gonna ride your ass now? You don't have to reply to everything people write. In fact, it was a pleasant little break when you were gone, which is to say nobody missed you. How about a repeat performance?

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